look out! giveaway WINNERS!

look out! giveaway WINNERS!

look out! giveaway WINNERS!
look out! giveaway WINNERS!
look out! giveaway WINNERS!
look out! giveaway WINNERS!
look out! giveaway WINNERS!
look out! giveaway WINNERS!
look out! giveaway WINNERS!
look out! giveaway WINNERS!
look out! giveaway WINNERS!
look out! giveaway WINNERS!

                                                                 Here are the two GIVEAWAY WINNERS:
                                                                 no. 40: Ivanitas by Antonia-Ivana (Chanel polish black pearl)
                                                                 no. 13: castlescrownscottages by Anita (Asos steel necklace)
                                                                 CONGRATULATIONS!!! Have fun with the winning-pieces! 🙂
                                                                 Many thanks for taking a part in my Giveaway and of course                                                                 for reading my blog. THANK YOU!!!
                                                                 The next Giveaway is coming soon.
                                                                 Wish you all a wonderful weekend – enjoy it!
                                                                 boots: sacha
                                                                 tights: falke
                                                                 top: strenesse
                                                                 skirt: edc
                                                                 jacket: d&g
                                                                 bag: etienne aigner (vintage)
                                                                 coat: vintage 

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  1. Ana Carneiro • 16. September 2014

    Congratulations are in order for the winners =)

    Also, I LOVE your pied-poule jacket! I don’t care what people might say, some classics will never die!

    Can’t wait for the next giveaway!



  2. fashion meets art • 16. September 2014

    thank you, ana! :*

  3. Annika • 16. September 2014

    congratulations winners!
    i love the outfit, the jacket is so great!


  4. Fictitious Fashion • 16. September 2014

    U look so so cuteee!! I love ur tights and Blazer… <3 <3
    N congratulations to the winners!
    Can’t wait fr the next giveaway..
    btw.. were this giveaway sponsored? or u bought goodies fr us? 🙂

    New Post–> SURPRISE 1


  5. fashion meets art • 16. September 2014

    thank you!
    i’ve bought the givaways!

  6. ♥Celyne Glam♥ • 16. September 2014

    thank u for your comment on my blog, happy week end to you :***

  7. Fictitious Fashion • 16. September 2014

    HI dear.. THanks fr ur sweet comment 🙂
    re: oh dats gr8.. 🙂

  8. Enara Girl • 16. September 2014

    Congratulations for the winners!
    I like your outfit.
    Have a great day!!

  9. Lily • 16. September 2014

    Congrats to the 2 winners!

  10. Antonia-Ivana • 16. September 2014

    Oh wow, ich freue mich so sehr, ich finde den Lack so toll. danke, danke, danke!!!
    Dein Outfit finde ich außerdem wunderbar, die Jacke ist wahnsinnig chic.
    Und zu Kroatien: Meine eine Oma wohnt in Istrien, sodass ich quasi ganz Istrien kenne. 🙂

  11. Adele • 16. September 2014

    Adore your houndstooth jacket Maren! Happy weekend xoxo

  12. missisippi • 16. September 2014

    Die Fotos sind sehr schön! Und auch dein Headerfoto ist wunderwunderschön!!!

    ♥, missisippi

  13. T. • 16. September 2014

    Ich sollte mal öfter auf deinem Blog vorbeigucken, dann hätte ich auch mitgekriegt, das es dieses Giveaway gab!
    Schönes Outfit!

  14. Tereza {Drastic Plastic} • 16. September 2014

    Congratulations to your winners :).

  15. The Rule of Mr Kane • 16. September 2014

    Congrats to the Winners_!

    Love your jacket!
    have a great weekend!

    JK || http://mrkanerule.blogspot.com

  16. Rena • 16. September 2014

    Deine Jacke ist total schön, ich mag sie so sehr 🙂

  17. yvonne • 16. September 2014

    Da kannst du aber Froh sein 🙂 Ich mag diesen Tag gar nicht : & Vielen dank. :*
    Wünsche dir noch einen schönen Abend. 🙂

  18. Fräulein Mini • 16. September 2014

    Congrats to the lucky winners!

    Dein Jacke ist übrigens traumhaft, liebe Maren!
    Ein tolles WE für dich! <3

  19. Alexx • 16. September 2014

    Ich finde deinen Header auch immer so wunderschön!!

  20. Fashion and Mie • 16. September 2014

    Great look! Lovely blazer

  21. Cool Vanity • 16. September 2014

    Love your jacket. Kisses.

  22. FashionFreak/Mihaela • 16. September 2014

    Congratulations <3

    I’d love you to join my giveaway^^

  23. Veronica P. • 16. September 2014

    send you hugs lovely lady !

  24. Castles Crowns and Cottages • 16. September 2014

    WOW!!!! I WON!!! Oh dearest Maren Anita,

    I just barely was able to come to the computer my friend! I had seen your comment on my blog at SCHOOL on my lunch break but I am unable to blog comments at that hour. Here is my email:


    Please email me and then I will email you back with my address!

    I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE PRIZE!!!! And you look so beautiful! MERCI! Anita

  25. She's Dressing Up • 16. September 2014

    Love the outfit, especially the boots! <3

  26. sparkling dreams • 16. September 2014

    Dein Header ist wunderschön! Bild + Outfit in diesem Post gefallen mir auch sehr 🙂

    Alles Liebe ♥

  27. Annanikabu • 16. September 2014


    ich hab dich getaggt. Schau doch mal vorbei 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

  28. PIN! • 16. September 2014

    Cute boots!!


  29. Fashionettista!! • 16. September 2014

    I want to join!! pls. check out my blog too! thx!

  30. Bang and Buck • 16. September 2014

    your blog is lush! adore your style babe


    Bang & Buck

  31. artichoke heart • 16. September 2014

    thank you for the lovely comment on my blog x

    come back again soon!


  32. xcharr • 16. September 2014

    love the pictures!x

  33. Bree • 16. September 2014

    Nice boots.

    Wish you a good Monday!


  34. Juli Photo Diary • 16. September 2014

    SO beautiful! Love your whole outfit!!


  35. Elfena • 16. September 2014

    I love your boots

  36. mirjam schuurkamp • 16. September 2014

    You look beautifull babe

    New outfitpost – Colors in the mix

  37. .sabo skirt. • 16. September 2014

    Great look…The jacket was great!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
    SHOP: http://www.saboskirt.com
    BLOG: http://www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  38. Fashion Tales.... • 16. September 2014

    Beautiful jacket, and love the boots! -xo

  39. Fabrizia • 16. September 2014

    Nice jacket, it’s adorable!

    Come back soon to visit my blog, I’ll be waiting for you!!
    Cosa mi metto???

  40. Ruben Rivera • 16. September 2014

    Very cool what you do here, and my wife Anita won one of your gifts, so that’s double cool.


  41. Honor • 16. September 2014

    love, love love your boots. and the whole concept of your blog–it’s wonderful. thanks so much for the visit, definitely following!!


  42. fashion BOOM • 16. September 2014

    love your jacket and the shoes and your bag

  43. THE MANE TOPIC • 16. September 2014



  44. vio • 16. September 2014

    love this outfit!