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In these pictures you can see my „little“ brother…. he’s four years younger than me :o)
Hope you like the pictures- have a wonderful weekend!
Maren Anita

Btw: Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you!
sweater: ralph lauren (men sweater)
trousers: esprit
shoes: converse
watch: casio
rings: vintage
necklace: vintage
bracelets: you can see HERE

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  1. Liberty Walk Sara • 16. September 2014

    Beautiful photos and outfit! 🙂
    Nice blog. 🙂

  2. Enara Girl • 16. September 2014

    You have a big brother 🙂
    I love your sweater and the flowers, your pictures are natural.

  3. fashion meets art • 16. September 2014

    thanks, girls. yes, for sure, i don’t like arranged and unnatural appeared pictures.
    these pictures you can find enough in the fashion magazines…
    thanks so much for your comment!

  4. Melina • 16. September 2014

    Love this post!
    So pretty!

  5. Marta, Hablando de Estilo • 16. September 2014

    Love the pics!!


  6. Olga Shevchuk • 16. September 2014

    Lovely photos!

    from Russia with love,

  7. Anonym • 16. September 2014


  8. Raffaella • 16. September 2014

    i love the red jumper and i have the same casio but in silver! =D xoxo

  9. vanda • 16. September 2014

    You look lovely the red jumper!!!! lovely pics!!!
    Enjoy your weekend♥

  10. leb die sekunde • 16. September 2014

    lovely pics:X and the converse are super:x
    you are so pritty:*
    thx for the commnet on my blog:*

  11. Elena Leder • 16. September 2014

    nice pics!


  12. Mona M. • 16. September 2014

    Hey meine liebe. wunderschöner neuer post von dir. ich liebe dein pullover, hast du den etwa von deinem Bruder geklaut? 😛

  13. Natalie Charlotte Turner • 16. September 2014

    Cute pics!
    Loove those converse!

  14. Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic • 16. September 2014

    Fabulous photos- love the plaid Converse sneakers!!!! 🙂

  15. Cami • 16. September 2014

    De blog en blog me he encontrado con el tuyo y lo cierto es que me encanta!Ya me he hecho tu seguidora y te dejo mi blog. ESpero que te guste y en ese caso que me apoyes también. Todas sabemos lo difícil que es empezar un blog y si nosotras no nos apoytamos quién lo hará?Un besito!


    Room on the third floor

  16. Nicola • 16. September 2014

    nice photos

  17. curaa97 • 16. September 2014

    leuke foto’s!
    haha ik dacht eerst dat het je vriend was.


  18. Klil • 16. September 2014

    cute photos!

  19. Patrycja • 16. September 2014

    nice photos !
    I like your shoes ! :))

  20. Amandamarie • 16. September 2014

    i’ve never seen plaid converse before! i love them, and they compliment your sweater really well. they’ll be great to wear into the fall season


  21. fashioneggpplant • 16. September 2014

    love these photos!

    join my ongoing blog giveaway! 🙂

  22. Honey • 16. September 2014

    so cute couple!
    you look perfect together.:)

    and your header ist beutiful. i like it very much.:)

  23. kcomekarolina • 16. September 2014

    cool!!! i love it!

    xoxo from rome

  24. sexta-feirafaro • 16. September 2014

    Your outfit is very casual and stylish 🙂 I really like everything about it!!!
    Thanks again for your comment, you are always so nice 😉 Do you have a twitter account?

  25. SIENA.STYLE • 16. September 2014

    i love your hair:)!you look lovely!!
    kisses from prague

  26. Juli Photo Diary • 16. September 2014

    Love your converse!

  27. Aline Chirinian • 16. September 2014

    Is this q coincidence that I have another thing that you posted on your blog 😛 hehe I have the same sweater in red and navy 😀

    Ps. beautiful flower pics!

  28. thehiddenfairy • 16. September 2014

    hi maren… love ur style..please follow my blog too…

  29. snoWhite • 16. September 2014

    very nice pics 😉 I thought it was ur boyfriend! He’s very handsome!! 🙂

    xx S.

  30. Cylia • 16. September 2014

    hey girl:) your smile is tooo cute.. 🙂 so pretty.. p.s. I entered a blogger contest and I really need you to ‚like‘ my picture.. here is an explanation:

  31. margaritats • 16. September 2014

    thank you for your sweet comment and for following!
    follow you back!

  32. diti * • 16. September 2014

    i like your blog !!! 🙂

  33. a story about M • 16. September 2014

    love this post! 🙂

  34. Tereza Anton • 16. September 2014

    You look so cute, you two are very sweet.

  35. klepi • 16. September 2014

    amazing sweater!! 🙂

  36. jvdbcollection • 16. September 2014

    You have a very nice blog! I like your blog!!

  37. Sanzibell • 16. September 2014

    wundervolles foto, ich follow dich zurück 😉

    Lieben Gruß

  38. AestheticJungle • 16. September 2014

    love this look and your blog!

    share the love?

  39. What's Next • 16. September 2014

    thanks a lot for your comment, there is another follower here too! 😀 really loved your blog, lovely pics, and im currently busy with reading your other posts 😉

  40. Sofia Donatelli • 16. September 2014

    Great outfit. Check out my Valentine’s Day challenge.

    Only 3 more days to enter

    Be featured on Stylishly In Love: If you would like a chance to be featured on my fashion blog, then email me ( a picture of your go-to outfit for Valentine’s Day. In honor of Valentine’s day I will be featuring 14 bloggers. Make sure to email me by February 11th.
    Thank you.