wearing my self-made necklace

wearing my self-made necklace

wearing my self-made necklace
wearing my self-made necklace
wearing my self-made necklace
wearing my self-made necklace
wearing my self-made necklace

Sometimes I don’t know where to put all my creativity…. in such moments astonishing things happened!
Have a look and tell me what you’re thinking about it!
I think it’s better to wear it with a simple black or white shirt.
necklace: DIY (do it yourself)
dress: hallhuber

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  1. Anonym • 16. September 2014

    W o w !!!

  2. GIRL AND CLOSET • 16. September 2014

    Hello! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, and bloggy visit -it’s great to meet yours too!! I’m absolutely loving this necklace that you made, SO creative & very beautiful. xx veronika

  3. fashion meets art • 16. September 2014

    thanks a lot, veronika! I follow you too! Have a nice evening! 🙂

  4. AlbeeLucky • 16. September 2014

    I love the direction of your blog, of not just fashion but of art. This necklace is a wonderful piece that mixes both. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I will now be following yours and can’t wait for up coming posts.
    xx- AlbeeLucky.blogspot.com

  5. fashion meets art • 16. September 2014

    Thank you for your comment! There are many posts in my head…have a look, honey! 🙂

  6. Margaret • 16. September 2014

    hey! your necklace is gorgeous! it looks so goon on your white dress!

  7. Raffaella • 16. September 2014

    beautiful necklace!!!
    stop by i’d love it! xoxo

  8. fashion meets art • 16. September 2014

    thank you beauties!

  9. tessa • 16. September 2014

    that necklace is GORGEOUS! you should post a DIY when you get a chance!


  10. Nayra Laise • 16. September 2014

    Love the necklace!!

    Kisses from Rome

  11. Sarah M. • 16. September 2014

    Following you back! I love that necklace…super unique and very ornate! Could spice up any outfit 🙂

    xx from Montreal,


  12. Sara • 16. September 2014

    Beautiful neclace and dress! !! :))


  13. fashion meets art • 16. September 2014

    thank you so much! I promise to post about DIY soon! big thanks for following me!

  14. Anonym • 16. September 2014

    die kette ist der absolute hammer. wirklich!die farbkombi und die eingearbeiten dicken kugeln lassen die kette sehr kunstvoll erscheinen. erinnert mich bisschen an nici de saint phalle:D

  15. Etta • 16. September 2014

    Lovely necklace!!Thanks for checking out mine blog!!Followed you!!

  16. fashion meets art • 16. September 2014

    thanks for reading this post!

  17. Yelena Starikova • 16. September 2014

    This is Gorgeous! Wow!!!


  18. Pequeña Criatura • 16. September 2014

    Amazing necklace!congratulations for the result (sorry, my english is terrible!)

  19. Celyne Glam • 16. September 2014

    thank u for comment on my blog :*
    i’m following u with bloglovin..return on my blog if you want..:*


  20. kathi • 16. September 2014

    Wow, das muss ja echt anstrengend gewesen sein 😉
    Danke für dein Kommentar!!! Ich folge gerne zurück – bei dem schönen Blog 🙂